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Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric, manufactured by Sandel International, Inc in Amsterdam, NY, USA, is recognized internationally as the most cost-effective and versatile of high-performance fire barrier textiles. Sandel fabric will not ignite or burn. When exposed to flames, Sandel fabric will not melt, drip, or emit toxic smoke. Although not an insulator in a traditional sense, Sandel fabric will keep heat away. It will not rot.

Five different versions of Sandel fabric are available featuring different weights/thicknesses and breathability (breathable vs non-breathable).

Sandel fabric gives designers and engineers tremendous flexibility in designing their specific end products. Compared to other flammability solutions, Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric is lighter, thinner, more durable, more resistant to chemicals, and totally resistant to mildew, fungi and bacteria. With integration of Sandel fabric, you can improve the fire properties while maximizing your design options for your end products. Sandel fabric is recognized as providing the lowest Total Cost of meeting flammability standards and testing.

Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric is a chemically inert textile made from Silicon Dioxide (sand) blended with other inorganic chemicals. It is treated by a proprietary process consisting of scientifically determined combinations of safe and effective polymers, antifungal and antimicrobial agents, water, stain repellants and flame retardants. The high proportion of inorganic chemicals enhances the fabric’s ability to block fire, even when it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. Smoke toxicity is minimized.

Fabrication methods when using fire barrier materials are critical to achieving flammability performance requirements. Sandel fabric is designed primarily to be cut and sewn. It can also be glued to themselves or to other materials, and is suitable for lamination to other materials. It is stable and uniform, providing consistent protection while working harmoniously with most woven upholstery fabrics during cutting and upholstering processes. See Fabricating with Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric in the Resource Center of this website for more guidance.

Cleaning and disinfection is easy using conventional cleaning methods and materials. See “Cleaning Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric“ in the Resource Center of this website for more details.

Sandel Fire Barrier Fabric can be purchased directly from Sandel International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Beckmann Converting, Inc.

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